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LEMON Prod. Nubia

LEMON Prod. Nubia

Chanteur:  Slacks
La description:
Written By James D. Moynihan IV
Release Date December 22, 2017

I'd like to walk the earth and share my music
The type of shit I like and find amusing
A muse choosing to remove his bruising
From boo-boo's to views of losing
Please excuse me when I'm moody
I'd rather get groovy with Scooby
Chewing Scooby snacks after doobies
Ya boy, Slacks, rolls that heavy duty
Shit, that could make your brain split
It just makes my brain spit
Much better, much wetter than these kids
Off the dome, out the zone, like rocket ships
Stacking all my chips, like a Pringles can
Ain't a single man, who can see my plan
Without taking the top off, and that's just the first layer
Now I'm finna pop off, 'cause I ain't here to do you favors
I just came unpackaged with a bunch of different flavors
On to the next, because that's what comes later
This expansive-ass rap has the space to slay Vader
I'd hate to be a three-year-old vine, but suck my ass haters
Caught a glimpse of Grape when I watched Gilbert in The Lone Ranger
It shook me, it was such an enrager
Had to get my bearings like some capers
Look, if you call me fruity then that's pretty homophobic
That makes you a prick, and you mother-fucking know it
So when I pick a paw-paw it's 'cause you a prickly pear
And I wouldn't dare bear the thought of consuming your sickly air
These slacks you cannot tear

I take hate and make lemonade, like Beyoncé
Life is sweet and sour, Big B and Andre
Hodgy and Left Brain, water and champagne
How can I make this more plain?
Haters out here be hating on our future, Odd Future knows what I'm saying
Or I hope they do anyway, I'm long overdue for some wings
But I've been going through some things
Should've taken off like planes
And crash-landed somewhere more sane
But I know it's all in vain, if the whole planet's the same
For every gain is a loss, and every loss is a gain
When you flaming on me, boss, just remember the name
It's motherfucking
S to the L, to the A-C-K
S comes next and last anyways
And if I'm sounding real fake
Then I'm fake-sorry for being so real
But plastics and snakes ain't part of the deal

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La description:


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Cover Art:

Featuring Lexie
Producers 1V
Writers James D. Moynihan IV
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