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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Chanteur:  Helen Trevillion
La description:

There's a rose sealed away in the winter
Fast asleep through the wind and rain and cold
Ever waiting for someone to wake her
One who'll see that she's no one's to hold

Maybe she is a spell never broken

Little girl from a world in-between
Each tomorrow a promise unspoken
And every today like a dream in a dream

She's still sleeping
She's still dreaming
She's still dreaming

She is Love - oh but never a Lover
Shrinks away from the touch of his hand
From kisses and candles that stain her affection
Her Love is a place he will not understand

There's a child inside made of flowers and stars
Lost in whispers and wings and the beauty of
Innocence cradled in moments eternal
Snow undisturbed in the glow of the morning light

And she's still sleeping
She's still dreaming
Sleeping beauty
And she's still flying
She's still singing
Can you hear her?

There is grace in the red of her twilight
There is truth in her darkness ahead
Treasure held in her eyes never open
Melody in her words never said

And she's still sleeping
She's still dreaming
She's still dreaming

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