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Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull

Chanteur:  Mastodon
La description:

Track 2 on Mastodon’s third studio album, Blood Mountain, featuring Scott Kelly on lead vocals.

The song was released as the first single from the album in August 2006.

Written By Mastodon
Pre-Production Michael Green Eric Searle
Mastering Vlado Meller
Mixing Rich Costey
Engineering Matt Bayles
Drums Brann Dailor
Rhythm Guitar Bill Kelliher
Guitar, Vocals Brent Hinds
Bass, Vocals Troy Sanders
Lead Vocals Scott Kelly
Recorded At Robert Lang Studios, Studio Litho, and EK Studios, Seattle, Washington
Release Date August 8, 2006
Performed Live As Crystal Skull Live by Mastodon

Guide a truth
Prevail and ride

Into the black hole
Searching for crystal
Making the veins bleed
The source of consciousness alive
Crystalline resonance

Into the black hole
Searching for crystal
Making the veins bleed

A deep breath
Before the plunge

One million voices
A thousand faces
Running through the darkness
Holding hearts in my eyes
Falling short of gauntlet
Covered in blood-sucking flies

Closing: Scott Kelly
The touch is cold
I tore a path screaming through wind and blood
I will it all
Burning deep in my skull

Mettant en vedette:Scott Kelly
Produit:Mastodon , Matt Bayles
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7.2/10 (Votes: 2088)
Mots clés: Rock  Sludge metal  Progressive metal  Metal 
Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain

La description:

Released in 2006, “Blood Mountain” is Mastodon’s third full-length album and the first for Warner Bros. imprint Reprise. A concept record, the music details the attempt of a werewolf to summit Blood Mountain and use the crystal skull to remove his reptilian brain, but he encounters difficulty along the way.

Additionally, “Blood Mountain” is also the highest peak on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia and sixth-tallest mountain in Georgia. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mastodon is from Atlanta, Georgia, suggesting that the title is a reference to said mountain.

Featuring Cedric Bixler-Zavala
Producers Mastodon
Writers Mastodon
Bass Troy Sanders
Bass, Vocals Troy Sanders
Liste de chansons:
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Siberian Divide (Ft. Cedric Bixler-Zavala)
Pendulous Skin
Libéré: September 12, 2006

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