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Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions

Chanteur:  B Mims
La description:

Produced by Mitch Mula

She just tranna fuck wit a nigga cause' I'm buzzin in the streets now
They be like Mims where you been I've been grindin' for weeks now
She been off the lean pulled up screwed up now she gotta find somethin' else to drink now
Got a black bitch a white bitch I can't really choose so it's hard for me to think now
Say one be my side chick
That just one to ride with
That one to get high with
Don't need no disguise with
But tell me who knows the scenario
Old chick in her old feelings, she can't find a way to cope with it
Cold hearted might as well where a coat with it
But she just tranna stay upfloat with it (Aye)

Don't tell me all your feelings
Don't tell me how you felt
You're giving cruel intentions
Save that for someone else
Say it ain't shit to kick it
Not trying to waste your time
Unless you down for fuckin
Don't think I'm wrong when

She just wanna roll wit a nigga get high
Say I'm nothin like them other guys
Best she ever had in her life
Never ever gotta think twice
Shit don't you waste your time
I said I'm focused I'm focused girl you know that in focused
I noticed you noticed girl I noticed you noticed

Ending to skit
Girl talking

She just wanna ride wit a nigga get high wit a nigga I don't know what's really up with that 3x
She just wanna ride wit a nigga 2x
Get fly wit a nigga
Drive by wit a nigga
Goal line wit a nigga
Cross the goal line wit a nigga

(I can never understand these cruel intentions yeah yeah)
Repeats to end

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Produit:Mitch Mula
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7.4/10 (Votes: 1968)
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