Chansons Karaoké Instrumental Gratuit The Shining, Pt. 2 (Ice) - Jaylib (Champion Sound) CD (2003)


The Shining, Pt. 2 (Ice)

The Shining, Pt. 2 (Ice)

Chanteur:  Jaylib
La description:
Label Stones Throw Records
Release Date October 6, 2003

Yeah... It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'mma be this nigga with ice
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'mma be this nigga with ice
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'mma be this nigga with ice

Verse: J Dilla
You can bet it like dice, Jay been nice with his
Since Dre said he was a nigga for life
And bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Is what I'm thinkin when I'm dickin ya wife
Yup, big truck jewels and a truck with tools
You don't wanna pop shit here tonight!
Chain swingin, the sickening ice
I swing it just to see it look sick in the lights
And my shit on freeze, kiddo
Pass pussy and indo please..
For the one who think you M.O.P
I rolls deep with heat-holders that'll bust things in your Jeeps
Hold nuts, so rough, and Jay'll go nuts if you touch the chain
Just because I ain't tucked it, ay, I ain't the fuckin game
Got the thang-thang tucked away

And it's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'mma be this nigga with ice, motherfucker
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'mma be this nigga with ice

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8.3/10 (Votes: 2692)
Mots clés: Rap 
Champion Sound

Champion Sound

La description:

Champion Sound was the first and only album released by Jaylib, consisting of producers J Dilla and Madlib, in 2003 via Stone Throw Records. It features frequent Dilla collaborators Frank N Dank and fellow Soulquarian member Talib Kweli. The project explores conventional hip hop themes such as braggadocio, the street lifestyle and even a little humour through Lib’s alter-ego Quasimoto.

The project was equally split: Dilla performed over Madlib’s instrumentals and vice versa. This was because, according to Complex, Champion Sound was recorded on only two tracks and sent to and from one another following their early communications:

Madlib got handed a CD’s worth of Dilla instrumentals by the Beat Junkies' J-Rocc … “I can’t rap to too many other people’s beats,” admits Madlib. “And I can barely rap to my own. But when I hear Dilla’s shit, there’s just something to it that I connect with. I could just write to it all day.”

The album’s release went through several complications due to copyright problems in regards to an uncleared sample on the group’s most popular single “The Red”.

Above: an outline for one of Jaylib’s rare shows to promote Champion Sound, during their short-lived tour.

Both the LP and its 2007 reissue alike have gained universal acclaimed reception. It was featured on HipHopDX’s list of “30 Best Underground Hip Hop Albums since 2000”, and received a four and a half star rating from Allmusic. Since neither artist is renown for being exceptional lyricists, fans have shown great appreciation for the instrumentals' blend of jazz and soul — the signature genres of Madlib and J Dilla.

Mixing J Dilla
Design Jeff Jank
Label Manager Egon
Mastered by Dave Cooley
Executive Producer Peanut Butter Wolf
Featuring Frank N Dank
Producers Jaylib
Writers Frank N Dank
Label Stones Throw Records
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Libéré: October 6, 2003

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