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The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy

Chanteur:  Naj isDope
La description:

Ever felt like you couldn’t win whether you took the high road or the low one?

At this point Naj is deep into his own mind, blaming himself for all that has gone wrong. Turning to weed and alcohol to take him away from reality, he plays the victim, like, “Fuck it, I’ll be the bad guy”

Written By Naj isDope
Recorded At Feet 1st Studios
Release Date December 5, 2014

Verse 1

I hate the winter time
Especially when it rain
Trapped inside with myself
All type of shit go through a sinner mind
Especially the pain
Just trap myself all up inside wit you
And then it's dinner time
Was it not?
Can I not hit you up
And Get it right now
On the spot?
On the block, on the beach
In the jeep, in the spot
Do you not consistently tell me
I'm hitting the top?
That's always what I'm fighting for
I never lost an argument
And Growing up but clinging to the ego I'm parting with
Caused conflict with my ethics
Damn I Just Hope you pardon it
Selfish acts from a nigga
Disconnected respect
Then I'm fighting for the same
Shit I been quick to neglect
Is all she asked from me though
And now I'm tipping the bottle
Facing a jet like


Fuck it I be the bad guy
Either way I can't win
Fuck it I'll be the bad guy
I'll pay the cost
What's the loss when a man sin?

Fuck it I'll be the bad guy
Either way I can't lose
Fuck it I'll be the bad guy
Gotta live with the decision
When a man choose

Verse 2

She knew I liked to play coy
When I'm fishing for a deeper meaning
To shit pleading the fifth
Unsure of myself, no reason to flip
Just searching for an outlet
And a reason to trip
Aloof to the truth
Intimidate The soul
Interrogate The faith
My drama is in control
Nights alone I ain't break
Down in a minute
But I been nervous bout if I'm breaking the mold
It wasn't easy to be yourself
Around people that ain't like yourself
Before you knew You who you was
You was programmed to fight yourself
And in turn, you would slight your wealth
We let it do what it does
I'm tripping on it blowing mad reefer
Writin poems not knowing they would come through Ya speakers
And as I'm writing this right here to reach Ya
Trying not to grief for lost souls
Just brief Ya


I be that, heart collector, heart reflector
I know a daughter coming I Hope God protect her
More spiritual than religious but I had to learn
Want to shine? Got to accept where God project ya
And before I knew that, a nigga fell sick
Hiding The Misery nobody could tell shit
Looking up,bad luck got me stuck
Hiding behind the nut, Hiding behind the rush
Out of my mind, Out of control
Wishing for the spring to come
She want a hubby I'm just waiting for my friend to cum
Signal crossed, Off track
No wonder we lost that
Lost facts, Goddamn Way to end a run
Nowadays I been tipping back the D'usse
Looking for a message praying for a sign
Drowning in my thoughts, ego blow up like a soufflé
And That's exactly what stop you from being mine like..


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Cave To Canvas

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