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Chanteur:  Ganon
La description:

This song was hyped up quite a bit on Ganon’s twitter weeks before it was released.


Heroes will die... villains will rise... (x6)

1st verse
Notice I happen to be the fucking dopest
A demon with no focus, I'm killing without a motive
Sinestro, hitting niggas with elbows
I'm making all these faggots disappear like "Presto!"
Now there's carcasses piled up in my back room
I spit doom, if I'm feeling generous I'll let you pick your tomb
Tomb Raider, shoving niggas in craters
I shoot bitches with lasers, and then (???)
Get mad cause I'm better than all you
Feeling under the weather cause I'm sicker than the fucking flu
Word on the street is that I'm flyer than a quidditch broom
And that I spit more toxic shit than a fucking vileplume
I'm flowing like a typhoon and an avalanche
I'll round up all you posers and throw you in concentration camps
Fucking faggots, you niggas probably get monthly cramps
From holding it down from your feelings of My fucking Famps
I went and saw my shrink about a week ago
I said "Doc, these niggas comin' at me with the weak flow."
He said "Ganon, I think we already know these bitches call you Bomberman because you are the next to blow."
Just like that, my future was looking bright, right;
Aurora borealis reflecting the sunlight
So cold, I'm attacking these niggas with frostbite
Tryin' to show you all, rap's still good when it's done right


2nd verse
Throwing batarangs, kickin' niggas like Liu Kang
Shout out to Spyro for teaching me how to spit flames
Don't get the picture? I'll take you out of the fucking frame
And bash your head in like we fucking beating for the Hungry Games
I'm fucking lame, I'm slightly deranged
I might be too strange, I can't be contained; detained
It might be my brain, I might be insane but
I'll put any rapper to shame. Ha!
These niggas say I'm just so fucking vile
My job title is making these rappers suicidal
I'll pile drive you into a sheet of metal tile
I'll drown you in the Nile, I've got these bodies piled
So fucking rare, these niggas better prepare
Fly as fuck, you would think I was bending the fucking air
Getting all these bitches cause my dick looks like a Dragonaire
I'm going harder than Michael Jackson at a day care

Hook (x2)

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Produit:Zane Alexander
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