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Thanking the Internet.

Thanking the Internet.

Chanteur:  Charles Benson
La description:

Dude 2 runs outside, more gunshots. Silence

After a minute The Boy gets up and walks out the back door. He stares into the pool as one by one everyone he's met comes floating to the surface. Some wave to him and some give him funny faces, but it’s always the people he doesn’t really know. The others are lifeless. Dude 2 floats up. The boy floats up last, very slowly. He's shirtless, and images flicker to life on his back. Videos of violence and pain. Then, briefly, a wedding, The boy's wedding. Suddenly, the horse porn (from earlier)

I. Flight of the Navigator begins to play

The boy walks away, hands in his pockets. Takes out his phone and begins to type. Various shots of him walking in various landscapes. His head is always down, is always looking at his phone

Shows him walk into his house. Shows him walk out. He has his wetsuit draped over his shoulders and his surfboard under his arm. Shows him on a school bus, a little kid again, alone. He's staring straight ahead. The bus stops. The Boy is once more grown up, and gets off the bus

The Boy Walks onto the sand of the same beach from earlier and begins to put on his wetsuit. Once it’s on, he grabs his phone and tweets "My wetsuit." In an instant you see the thousands of people who will see his tweet, sitting at computers, on their laptops, on their phones, etc. All of them are staring blankly at it. The Boy suddenly hurls his phone into the ocean and begins to paddle out

Last shot is of the boy, sitting on his board looking right into the camera, before turning himself around and looking out at the rest of the ocean

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because the internet Script Contest

because the internet Script Contest

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