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Love Is

Love Is

Chanteur:  Sketch tha Cataclysm
La description:
Written By Sketch tha Cataclysm
Release Date September 27, 2011

Verse 1
You light the path with your presence soon as I arrive
You conjure smiles with fake grins, locking eyes
You hold me close squeezing tight like you’ve got a prize
When I tell you that I feel you know its not a lie
Cause when you touch the feeling travels up and down my spine
So imagine when we kiss I’m going out my mind
And while I travel in that space I got you by my side
You. . . the irreplaceable, the magic, the rhyme
Thought our differences would mean that we would not combine
But when we talk we blend it perfectly, we’re stopping time
Our souls have got aligned, that’s why I got a rhyme
And let you know that you’re the vision that I’ve got in mind
When I think of who I’d like to be with when I drive
Or do nothing, long as we’re sitting side by side
So I’m hoping that you feel that I’m not out of line
Smiles and the cries. . . I know what love is

That's what we all ready need to touch
Passed ambience and the greed and lust
Back to the smiles all we need is love
I'm feelin' it yes yes I'm feeling it

Verse 2
You come to the show, men follow
You shake your ass with us, you listen to my sorrows
You throw them hands up, with or without a bottle
Then tomorrow rock the cd you copped as your car rolls
My new shit drops? Its like the lotto
Spread the word on facebook, twitter, and a blog post
All stressed out? I know how it goes
You rock “The Meditation” just to let it out. . . gotta go
I write these lyrics to express my heart you gotta know
‘cause when you see me at the bar you say I’m not alone
And that you hope that soon they’ll catch me and my stock’ll grow
And I could take the good home cookin’ to a hotter stove
You said you got the Party Music, what I dropped with Pro
And play it for them, carpool it when I got a show
Having you just brings a smile to me on the road
It’s a lot to hold. . . I know what love is

Every once in a while we need a song about love
With so much nonsense going on in our every day lives, it gets
Difficult to remember to appreciate and just smile
To kick the bull to the side and feel that love thats all around us

You must know as you grow
That the hard times take a toll
And bring on the stress and sorrow starts to take hold
No need to fold if you know
And let love take control
Let the anger rest the sunshine can maintain souls

Verse 3
You’re the obvious, abstracts, the father and
Mother, the pit I wallow in, wonder if they acknowledge it
Summer the winter the spring and fall the very lot of it
You’re the spirit, lyrics that’s sung in the song of Solomon
You’re the hand that offered the time I’m borrowing
And lungs breathing life in the birds, trees, these hollow lips
I see you in everything that’s surrounding this
Shell that I live in. . . I know what love is

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Libéré: September 27, 2011

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