Musique libre de droits pour le fond Old Again alac (2012) [The Church of the Good Thief] par Right Away, Great Captain!


Old Again

Old Again

Chanteur:  Right Away, Great Captain!
La description:
Release Date June 12, 2012

Verse 1: Andy Hull
When I broke my back and I hurt my head
Traded it for the living dead
You swam like I knew you would, you would
I am back with the old again
Looking down on everything
Regardless of my forward strengths to you
Oh, to you

Verse 2
With how we got and how we go
It's got to be, I've got to know
Eventually we've got to know
Yeah, eventually we're never cold

Hold my breath for me
Let me feel the way we speak

Verse 3
So hold my breath and I bite my tongue
Once you're dead, the battle's done
Once I know it's never gone
I fade away
I fade away
I fade away
I fade away

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Produit:Dan Hannon , Andy Hull
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8.1/10 (Votes: 951)
Mots clés: Rock 
The Church of the Good Thief

The Church of the Good Thief

La description:

The third and final release from Andy Hull’s solo project, Right Away, Great Captain!, which follows the journey of a 17th-century sailor. From Right Away, Great Captain!’s Myspace blog: “The third story/album starts with our hero laying over Anna’s lover (and hero’s brother). The brother has been killed. His wife has seen what the children saw and we spend a lot of time inside our hero’s mind and the reality that he is indeed a murderer of his own flesh and blood.”The album was released on June 12, 2012.

Producers Andy Hull
Liste de chansons:
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Libéré: 2012

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