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The End Is Near

The End Is Near

Chanteur:  Unseen
La description:

Let us not feel an ounce of remorse
When the time comes and the brains
Behind the muscle get what they fucking deserve!

News broadcasts ratings grow
War and scandal do you want to know
How many people died today
Dealt with pain and suffering

Are you terrified
For our lives
It looks to be
The end's in sight

Go and fight for evil and lies
Everything you stand for I despise
I'd rather live than die for something
Something that will never end

Force them to fight so we can be free
Until the end
Money and power is the reality
Until the end
It's two things the world leaders thrive for

Until the end
And that's why this will never stop
Until the end
That's why this will never stop
Until the end

The end is near

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State Of Discontent

State Of Discontent

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Writers Mark Unseen
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