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Chanteur:  Living Colour
La description:
Release Date August 3, 2017

We’re living like the programmed
Like tv’s our reality
We can’t escape the program
They only show us what they want us to see

Sitting in my easy chair
I’m barely breathing
Back against the wall
You lay it on me heavy
Like a, like a
Like a new whipping boy

I am the program
On the big screen
He’s gonna use me, use me up
And it’s a limited time offer with no guarantee
I’m just a sucker in this scheme

We’re living like the programmed
Like tv’s our reality
We can’t escape the program
They only show us what they want us to see

Made me insensitive
My world, my face
Don’t care how you feel
The latest gossip and the buzz online
You take up all my time

I can say what I want
I don’t care how you feel
It’s my agenda
I do what I want, do what I want
I don’t care who I offend

Yo I got authority hatred
Cause probably the majority is racist
Against the minority races
For the problems to be resolved
Then the races
Gonna take more than the march of Washington
State of Al Sharpton debates

Cops always harass the brothers
They like clorox bleach
Good for whites, bad for colors
So when they ask to search us
I get nervous
Cause Mike Brown was shot down
By the people hired to protect and service
Went from the lightning into a dark zone
Millions of dumb people walkin’ around with a smart phone
Everybody dressing the same as y'all clones
Like we’re wearing a uniform
Being unique is as rare as a unicorn
Refuse to do the norm
And just accept yourself
Stop trying to be like everybody else
Accept yourself
You free your mind you do anything that you wish to
Ignorance is bliss I refuse to be blissful, mad

I can’t wait till it’s over
I can’t take no more
Got me runnin' in circles
Gotta get you outta my head
Gotta get you outta my head
Play it!

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Produit:André Betts
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7/10 (Votes: 190)
Mots clés: Rock 


La description:

Shade is the sixth studio album by Living Colour, released on September 8, 2017. It is their first studio album in eight years, following The Chair in the Doorway.

Living Colour began working on Shade about a year after the release of The Chair in the Doorway. In a 2010 interview with The Break Down Room, vocalist Corey Glover hoped that a new Living Colour album would be released in 2011, and stated:

We’re going to do something different for us and make a real record, right now, right after we’ve done this one. Imagine that.In a May 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Vernon Reid revealed that:Living Colour just got together a few weeks ago – preparing to do a bunch of writing in preparation to make a record for 2013.Everyone is insanely busy, but it feels so good when we’re together and connecting that I really look forward to making the next record.

On June 30, 2014, it was announced that Living Colour’s sixth studio album, titled Shade, would be released in the fall. However, the album’s release date was later pushed back to early 2015. For unknown reasons, the release of the album would continue to be delayed. Asked in March 2015 about the meaning of the album’s title, Glover replied:

As time progresses, a shadow falls, and it’s about the progression of time. We’re trying to dissect and really take the roots of the music that created us and take it to task

On the making of Shade, Glover explained to Loudwire in June 2016:

It took us almost four years to make this record. We went through problems with managers, with record companies and schedules — it just took forever and finally we got it done. I can’t wait to get that process over with so I can go back and start working on new stuff again, personally, and just start writing new things. Part of the process was that we weren’t going to compromise on a lot of stuff. There were some sonic things that we weren’t going to compromise on; we needed to get it right. It took long enough, so hopefully it’s right. I mean, we’ll still have to fix things — ‘right’ to us is that you don’t go, ‘Uh, if only I had done this.’ At the same time, there’s something about discovering something as you play it that changes it and that makes the difference between the recorded version and the live version. “Cult of Personality” live doesn’t sound the way it was recorded because we’ve been playing it for almost thirty years and it changes based on the environment, the gear and the temperament and all that. I think we’re satisfied with Shade for what it is as a recording

On May 12, 2017, it was announced that Shade would be released on September 8, and its artwork, by Washington, D.C. area artist Anike Robinson, was released.

Producers André Betts
Writers The Notorious B.I.G.
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Libéré: September 8, 2017

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