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Chanteur:  Cory Branan
La description:

The third track from the 2017 album Adios. The song finds Cory’s trademark wit and wordplay colliding with a more tempered, E Street Band style groove, complete with an extended saxaphone solo by Robbie Crowell.

As Cory describes it:

It’s a happy little number about a girl from a smalltown in VA, that makes her feel smaller.

Written By Cory Branan
Release Date April 7, 2017

She’s been emptying rounds in a dark bar
She’s been getting around in a parked car
You wanna know exactly how she feels?
You gotta walk to hell and back in heels
Baby’s been to hell and back
She never left Blacksburg

These mountain town bars are all bare bones
Hell, a little Phenobarbital and pheromones
Baby just looking for a little release
Love’s the drug that she distrusts the least
But you take whatever takes you back in Blacksburg

There was a time this town could never have had her
Now she never minds
And it never matters

She says this endless night feels indescribably
As empty as them inside of me
But if I can’t feel good again
I’ll be damned if I feel this pain I’m in
You just see who’s standing after the stars collapse
On Blacksburg

That’s her emptying rounds in a dark bar
Getting around in a parked car

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Produit:Cory Branan
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8.3/10 (Votes: 1555)
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La description: -
Featuring Amanda Shires
Producers Cory Branan
Writers Andrew T. Grooms
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Libéré: 2017

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