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Modern Age

Modern Age

Chanteur:  Anberlin
La description:
Written By Aaron Sprinkle , Stephen Christian , Joseph Milligan

Why so afraid to fall?
That was then this is now
Horizons look different in a modern age
Are we all lost, are we all lost again?
Fall asleep alone
Safer than the off chance of getting
Your heart attacked one more time
Will you ever come
Will you ever come alive again?

Don’t we all want to belong?
Don’t we all write our own song?
Let our silence break tonight
Don’t we all learn right from wrong?
And don’t we all want to be loved
Let our silence break tonight

Come now elusive sign
Open up their eyes to see
So many of us are just the same as you
Have we all hid ourselves from friends?
So much else to give this is her and that is him
Close your eyes imagine them holding you
Will you ever find the words again?
Sing it

There is so much less that we have to lose here
The more we give away
Futures will never keep their promises
If all we hold is yesterday

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9.5/10 (Votes: 1431)
Mots clés: Rock 


La description:

“There are different reasons I chose this title; first we wanted to create a record that when people looked back in time at Anberlin they would choose this record to show their friends as a summation of who we were as a band. The lyrics, the music, the instrumentation- we wanted it all to be simply quintessential ‘Anberlin’.

Finally, I think this was an urgent time for Anberlin, a turning point. We had no idea what was going to happen next in our careers which is the first time we had ever been unsure in our history as a band. The winds had begun to shift and the sense of urgency began to set in; the title ‘Vital’ fit perfectly to me.“ – Stephen Christian

Producers Aaron Sprinkle
Writers Aaron Sprinkle
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Libéré: October 16, 2012

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