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He Rears His Head In Laughter

He Rears His Head In Laughter

Chanteur:  To Elysium
La description:

Religion is always a delicate topic. I admire those who breathe religion without any extremes. Every single soul has its soothing comforts in whatever form, 'though it's often mistaken to be an excuse. One has to go through stages of thought before entering any form of spiritual contacts ot before undergoing omnipotent powers... be careful, hysteria lures.

For His ire we're the faithful target

Half the times we are at war
We don't know what we fight
As we stalk and lure our prey
We ourselves stay out of sight

The beast we hunt
The beast which preys
The prey which bleeds
The prey which feeds
A predator itself
With heaven in our hearts we find Hell within our minds

Think back and think again
Over and over we learn to stand
The lies we're taught and the words we're fed
Are all to hide regret

We enslave ourselves with our needs
And bend our knees to face judgement
God rears His head in laughter
Slavery worldwide

Rise and fall
Bloom and wither
Oppress and slither
Welcome to deathrow earth

Bow down
Slavery worldwide

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7.2/10 (Votes: 244)
Mots clés: Pop 
Dearest Vile

Dearest Vile

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Libéré: 2002

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