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Look Out For My Love

Look Out For My Love

Chanteur:  Neil Young
La description:
Written By Neil Young
Release Date October 21, 1978

Verse 1
There's a lot to learn
For wasting time
There's a heart that burns
There's an open mind

Look out for my love x4
You own it, you own it now, you own it

Verse 2
There's a weight on you
But you can't feel it
Living like I do
It's hard for you to see it
Was I hurt too bad
Can I show you daylight
How could I be sad
When I know that you might

Look out for my love x4

Verse 3
Look out for my love
It's in your neighborhood
I know things are gonna change
But I can't say bad or good
Silver wings of morning
Shining in the gray day
While the ice is forming
On a lonely runway
Hydraulic wipers pumping
Until the window glistens
Something saying something
No one seems to listen
Men with walkie-talkies
Men with flashlights waving
Up upon the tower
Time reads daylight savings
I'm home again to you babe
You know it makes me wonder
Sitting in the quiet slipstream
In the thunder

Look out for my love x4

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Produit:Tim Mulligan , Ben Keith , David Briggs
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9.8/10 (Votes: 1026)
Mots clés: Rock 
Comes A Time

Comes A Time

La description:

Neil Young’s return to his folk-rock sound embodied in his earlier release, Harvest. What started as a solo acoustic project slowly grew to encompass a lushly produced album, including support from his Young’s backing band, Crazy Horse, and Nicolette Larson on several songs.

It is reported that Neil Young was disappointed with the initial release of the album that he bought nearly 200,000 copies of the LP to prevent their release.

Producers Ben Keith
Writers Ian Tyson
Liste de chansons:
Goin' Back
Comes A Time
Look Out For My Love
Lotta Love
Peace Of Mind
Human Highway
Already One
Field Of Opportunity
Motorcycle Mama
Four Strong Winds
Libéré: October 21, 1978

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