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Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Chanteur:  Gracious K
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Yeah i'm back right now
Oh yeah man i'm back right now
It's the return of the K swear down
It's the return of the mac right now
Man i've been away so long thought I was locked down
But it's high time that I came out the back ground
People still wanna know if I ever found out if you showed me how you get down
Sitting in my yard trying to cope man are stressed out
I'm trying to run through these doors but they're piling
I'm begging god to stop me from wiling
My Aunt see's my faith is declining
She's on me, she's telling me Lance just prey
So she gives me a scripture, tells me to see the bigger picture
But sometimes I don't wanna hear that shit
Like, I battle daily
I wanna be a righteous man right now it feels like it don't pay me
Some days I feel like my chance of blowing is getting Slim like Shady
Slimmer than Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z
Trying to drink my issues away i'm in the wine house no Amy
I was serving, serving, I couldn't stop serving
Shed my tears when I heard my first sermen
And the next week and the next week
On to the drug line, man couldn't text me
And the fraud line man couldn't get me
I'm trying to take this music ting to a higher match than Pepsi
But this industry deffo knows how to stress me
Driving round town with my G place flames
He said fuck all my enemies that's the real definition of fame
So anyone who thought I wouldn't make it, man I feel sorry for you
Your bars are so 9-2-3 don't it feel like Dejavu
I'm blessed, God said I was gonna blow
But I don't know when so man I was so, so stressed
Me I was so, so low
You was in DM's I was thinking of sliding it home, suicidal
I'm from a place where on a Saturday you can turn on the TV
And see another you got popped like idol
For standing around and talking idol
My life ain't easy, people see me on TV and then wanna be me
You don't know what people go through, you only see what they show you
I was losing my looks cause i'm daily stressing, asking the Lord wheres my blessing
Looking at my pastor like he's gassing
Asking my boys to help me get to trapping
Depressive mind state and man I couldn't cope
The worst thing is being well known and broke
God forgive me if I took my life, I can't imagine how my Mum would cope
God forgive me if I took my life, God forgive me if I took my life
I can't imagine my Mum right now but I love my girl because she took that knife
Wiley told me i'm killing em fam, he ain't heard this hype since years ago
Well, Migraine Skank was years ago
I'm back like a spine so here we go
Labels on my line like here we go
When you're number one it's all fashion shows, when the life is well
When you stop being hot, Adidas won't even return my emails
But yeah, me I just flex
Still get shows on the regs, every single day God tells me I'm blessed
My wifey's amazing, bum so big make a man start Harlem shaking
I'm stressed out, oh yeah man I'm stressed out
God, if there was a time when you were gonna save me.. Right now would be wavey
Cause my faith is hot, hidden when I feel cold
My bro got murdered and it hurt my soul
It makes me cry to see my wifey low
And anything I say it can't lift her so i'm here like what we gonna do?
How we gonna cope? How we gonna move? How we gonna pull through?
I'm so pissed off, man i'm so pissed off that if I had a strap I would probably shoot like rah!
I'm down on my knees, asking the Lord please
What can I do, losing my line going down this route
Trying to keep away, the Devil wants my soul
I feel like i'm running on an endless road
Asking the Lord to take control
Ask him daily to protect my soul

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